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About the PsyToolkit Server

For whom is PsyToolkit

Most of the users are psychology students and researchers.
It is ideally suited for online research projects.

What it is

PsyToolkit is a website and a software package to program and run psychological experiments, especially those common in cognitive experimental psychology. It can be used for setting up online questionnaires, and experiments can be embedded in questionnaires.

PsyToolkit can be used within web browsers, as well as a stand alone application on Linux systems. This is ideal for learning how to program experiments, to embed cognitive psychological experiments in online surveys, and online data collection. The latter is ideal for tightly controlled laboratory experiments.

How you can use it

You can register and use PsyToolkit on the web for free (for non-commercial projects only). You will use your email address as a user name. When you register, you will be sent a password which you can change once logged in.

The benefits

It is free to use. It has in-depth documentation. It is flexible. It is well maintained. And it comes with many examples.

The library

PsyToolkit on the web allows you to use a library of experiments and surveys. Users can submit experiments to the library for use by all.

PsyToolkit version: 3.4.3