Definition of attention span

Attention span is the time you can focus on a task.

There are different ways to measure attention span:

Here it is defined as follows:

  • The time in seconds one can do a very simple task without making mistakes.

  • Although the task is very simple, it runs relatively quickly and requires full attention.


There is a lot of discussion about attention span. It is often said people find it more difficult to focus their attention because there is so much distraction (see YouTube video below).

According to some studies, adults can focus on tasks that do not require the type of focused attention this task requires around 20 minutes.

The reason why different studies come up with different average time spans is how focused the attention needs to be. There is a difference between working concentrated and still be allowed to occasionally take a sip of tea. In the attention-span task of this test, that is not even possible, it requires literally 100% of your attention.

It would require a very high level of focused attention for anyone to do this task 20 minutes long without making tasks, and I doubt anyone will do it (will you? — give it a try).

Test your attention span

The link below allows you do to the following:

  • Do the simple attention span test

  • This test takes only a few minutes (or as long as your attention span is)

  • Get feedback about your personal attention span

  • If you want, you can leave your score (including country, nickname, age, & gender) on the score list

  • If you do not want to leave your score, you can say so at the end of the questionnaire

Scores from participants

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The longest attention span measured of anyone with this test is: 4 minutes and 52 seconds.

Below is a list of people who have agreed to save their data on the server with their country, nickname, age, and gender. You can be on this list too, if you want! Just do the test (link above).

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4 : 52