The concept Narcism (or Narcissism) is well introduced in the Narcistic Personality Inventory (NPI) and if you are new to the topic, you are recommended to read that first.

The HSNS is a 10-item scale measuring a covert aspect of Narcism, while the well known NPI measures a more overt dimension of Narcism (Hendin & Cheek, 1997).

We view the covert ‘‘face’’ of narcissism as assessed by the HSNS to be one of many facets of the higher order construct that Maslow (1942) labeled psychological insecurity and that has been more recently called negative emotionality (e.g., Waller, Tellegen, McDonald, & Lykken, 1996)…​

— Hendin and Cheek (1997) view the covert aspect of Narcism as quoted (p. 597)

The mean score in 504 American college students (from 4 sample groups) was 29.4 (Hendin & Cheek, 1997) on a scale from 10 to 50.

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You can use the published scale, but you need to acknowledge and cite the original research (Hendin & Cheek, 1997).


This is a simple scale question with.

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scale: characteristic
- very uncharacteristic or untrue, strongly disagree
- uncharacteristic
- neutral
- characteristic
- very characteristic or true, strongly agree

l: hsns
t: scale characteristic
o: random
o: width 30%
q: Please answer the following questions by deciding to what extent each item is characteristic of your feelings and behavior.<br>
- I can become entirely absorbed in thinking about my personal affairs, my health, my cares or my relations to others.
- My feelings are easily hurt by ridicule or the slighting remarks of others.
- When I enter a room I often become self-conscious and feel that the eyes of others are upon me.
- I dislike sharing the credit of an achievement with others.
- I feel that I have enough on my hands without worrying about other people's troubles.
- I feel that I am temperamentally different from most people.
- I often interpret the remarks of others in a personal way.
- I easily become wrapped up in my own interests and forget the existence of others.
- I dislike being with a group unless I know that I am appreciated by at least one of those present.
- I am secretly "put out" or annoyed when other people come to me with their troubles, asking me for my time and sympathy.

l: score
t: set
- sum $hsns

l: feedback
t: info
q: Your score on the HyperSensitivity Narcissism Scale: {$score}.<br>
The average score in American College students was 29.4 points.