If you use SONA, you must go to settings and click the special SONA option. Only then will you see the SONA features in your survey editing screen.

General notes

  • This version is an important update with some important bug fixes

  • One bug that was under certain conditions, set values were not properly used by the following question (this happened when the survey’s first question was a set question)

General online interface

  • Complete overhaul of survey easymode. This is now highly recommended to use.

  • You can now copy with one click the survey URL, which makes copy and paste faster and easier.

New in experiments

  • You could always use different bitmap formats, but only PNG was the default. This is no longer the case, you can just provide a name without extension, and PsyToolkit will itself figure out if there is a matching filename of the types png, jpg, bmp, or gif (note, animated gifs will not be displayed animated)

  • You can now do the same for sounds. You do not need to explicitly type in the filename, it will automatically look for mp3, wav, ogg, or vorbis.

New in online surveys

  • Improved compiling (the compiler detects more user mistakes and therefore gives more meaningful error feedback)