General notes

  • This version is a major update with new features and improvements and bug fixes (not all listed here)

General online interface

  • Various minor improvements in the online user interface. You might not notice these, because the improvements are behind the front-end of the software.

  • new compile button with "wait" message

  • you can now more easily upload files in the viewfiles screen

  • the survey screen has made it easier to set up survey

  • cleared buttons at some places3.1.

New in experiments

  • You can play video clips within experiments (see lesson).

  • You can more easily set the background color of the experiment with the option background color

  • You can have the option not to show the red rectangle at start of experiment (you need to set the _advanced options (for experienced users)_from the settings. This is not recommended, see note at bottom of this page.

Readmouse changes

  • There are some important differences with the previous version and there is a (very small) possibility this breaks your code. This would only happen if you used readmouse without the need to click a mouse button.

  • The Fitts experiment has been upgraded to reflect the change

New in online surveys

  • easier option to end survey (e.g., when people do not match criteria): See lesson explaining this indetail

  • option to check text variables in if statements in jump questions. See lesson about this

  • the ranking question type has been improved (you can now show a numbered list with the option o: numbers). see documetation

  • you can now ensure people enter emails in textfields. see documentation

  • fixed bug and improved the showing of the percentage of questions finished by participants. You can now specify the total numbers of questions in a survey. This is useful for surveys with conditional jumping

  • You can have the option not to show the red rectangle at start of embedded experiments (not recommended, because when you do this, sound or video files may not play — this feature was requested but will be under review)