General notes

  • This version is a major update with many new features and improvements

General online interface

  • Various minor improvements in the online user interface. You might not notice these, because the improvements are behind the front-end of the software.

  • new compile button with "wait" message

New in experiments

  • Smarter parser. If you have just one table, you do not need to tell the task which one it is. If you have just one font, you do not need to explcitly define it

  • Progress bar

  • Easier to animate stimuli with move and relocate

  • draw off/on is used in some experiments, but is no longer needed because of smarter script compiler (but still can be used)

New in online surveys

  • new ranking question

  • option to not have the end-of-survey screen (but instead immedeately go the URL provided)

  • "other" for radio and check questions

  • easier way to jump based on if-then conditions (coding shortcut with j:)

  • improved easy mode to edit surveys

  • option to use text variables

  • new way to show videos above questions

  • video and audio can loop (or not)

  • improvements in scripting, some things are now much easier, especially the conditional jumps

  • you can make sure people can do the same survey only one time (if on same browser/computer)