If you do an online experiment, you will still need to do a survey as well. Thus, an online cognitive experiment always has survey question, such as about the age of the participant. This examples shows how to combine a survey and experiment.

If you are running a student project in which you want to collect data, it is easiest to embed the experiment in a survey. That way, all the data files of individual participants will be saved for you automatically, and you can download them anytime you want.


For this survey, you need an experiment. In this case, we will call it my_simon_task, and the other examples show how to program it.


The survey is very simple.

l: age
t: range
q: What is your age?
- {min=18,max=65} Select your age:

l: handedness
t: radio
q: Are you left or right handed? Or maybe both?
- I am left handed
- I am right handed
- I use both hands equally

l: simontask
t: experiment
q: Please follow the instructions...
- my_simon_experiment

l: distraction
t: check
q: Please check all the types of distractions you experienced during the
Simon task. Select none if there were no distractions.
- Somebody started talking to me
- My phone rang
- There was a lot of background noise here in the coffee shop
- Some distraction not listed here

See it in action

There is an online survey of the Simon task, but with more details: