General notes

  • Official release date is 20th March 2019

  • This is a minor update from version 2.5.2

  • Various code improvements

General online interface

  • When using the "view files", you can rename uploaded files

  • The analyze options to exclude blocks works now correctly

New in experiments

  • No new experiment features

  • In the online mode, the test compile options have been improved and expendanded. You can only see the extra options when selecting in the settings that you want to "show advanced options (for experienced users)". The help section for these options has been updated as well.

New in online surveys

  • embedded experiments now fit better in the browsers window

  • In advanced options (select to see these in settings), the test compile mode allows you to quickly flip through all questions. You do not need to answer all questions, you can just click the continue button to continue.

  • Now, traditional Chinese is supported (simplified Chinese was already supported).

  • Slovene support added

  • when compiling survey with embedded experiments, you get feedback if the analyze sections of experiments are not completed. This helps you to remind you of the fact that you only get statistical pre-processing of experiments if you fill in the analyze section of an embedded experiment