Documentation has been improved with more examples.

General online interface

New in online user interface

New in experiments

  • New variable TRIAL_COUNTER which can be handy if you want to know how many trials have been done so far alltogether in an experiment.

  • Option to check refresh rate. You can now set in the options check_refresh_rate and if that is set, the code will only run if the monitor is indeed set to that refresh rate.

New in experiments on Linux only

  • Note that the Tobii code is still under heavy development. Even so, it works reasonably well.

  • You can set eye-tracker ID in psytoolkit config file (which is in /etc/) or in the PsyToolkit script.

  • New feature: You can only run one experiment on a computer at the time. Of course, you would not want to run more than one, but what if you would wrongly do so (maybe by click to fast on an icon or so). This is implemented using the psy_lock function in psy.c and you can use "psycc --unlock" to easily remove the lock if you want to kill a running experiment and clean up the /dev/shm/psytoolkit_lock file.

New in online surveys

  • When you embed an experiment, the start button can now be above the black area.

  • Japanese and Farsi (Persian) language support

  • New theme "cool" with much better support for mobile phone use.