This version has large changes in the code base, in particular to support eye trackers. Many of the new features are Linux only, such as eye-tracker support and much better support for moving stimuli.

This version has also dealt with a number of small issues that users have let me know about and which have now been fixed. Most of these issues were rare issues but important to have fixed.

General online interface

  • Various code improvements

  • Language improvements in foreign survey interface translations (German, Turkish)

  • Many improvements in the documentation, including lessons about fixation points, and the choose syntax.

New in online user interface

  • Various code improvements

New in experiments

  • You can now show circles directly with the show circle command

  • Hide/unhide of stimuli makes coding easier

  • add clear range command

  • TABLEROW variable has as lowest value 1 (instead of 0, as it was).

New in experiments on Linux only

  • You can now scroll and rotate sprites, allowing for various new effects to be studied

  • Tobii eye tracker support

  • examples updated

New in online surveys

  • The time it takes to click continue after each question in milliseconds is stored in a new spreadsheet file (data_times.csv/xlsx). This is nice for figuring out how long it took people to come to a choice/decision.