Before using PsyToolkit, make sure you fully understand your legal responsibilities.

PsyToolkit is free of cost for any user.
PsyToolkit is the intellectual property of Gijsbert Stoet.
PsyToolkit comes without warranty. The user is entirely responsible for the consequences of use of the software and website.
The PsyToolkit website can be switched off at any time and users might not be warned or informed. Obviously, this is not planned. In fact, the system is being set up very securily, secured against temporary power failure, and securely backed up in different university servers in different buildings, so that any form of data loss is extremely unlikely. The point is, though, that there are simply no guarantees. Any problems caused by a switch off or data loss are not the responsibility of Gijsbert Stoet.
Suspected inappropriate use (e.g., uploading indecent illegal images) is not allowed and when detected will be reported to the relevant authorities.
Commercial use (e.g., online surveys) needs to be discussed with Gijsbert Stoet first.
Gijsbert Stoet is not responsible for the studies carried out with PsyToolkit. For professional or student research, users must themselves ensure (ethical) approval for research has been given, where applicable.
PsyToolkit can be used for free, but if you use it and write reports and/or publish surveys and/or experiments using it, you always must properly cite it and credit Gijsbert Stoet for creating the software.
When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact Gijsbert Stoet via email to Professor Gijsbert stoet via