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Hi welcome to this study. In the following screen, you're going to read some instructions. Here we just foreshadow of what we are going to tell you more later: to press either 'a' button for intrapersonal-type pictures, and 'h' for interpersonal-like pictures. Because of the purpose of the present online study is to make sure that: when dealing with different kinds of happiness (here intra-personal vs. inter-personal), we tend to associate achievements, were they personal or group-wise, as more intra-personal, and associate family- or close-relative pictures as more inter-personal. Therefore, we like your help to make sure that's exactly what we anticipate. So in the following practice and real experiment session, you'll be briefly for the button-associate ('a' for achievement, and 'h' for family-gathering, etc) mapping again. 

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Researcher: Hanshin Jo, Ou-Yang Yen, and Chun-Chia Kung

Institution: National Cheng Kung University

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