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About this survey

Thank you for your interest in this study on Stress and Cognition. 

The study is multi-part and occurs over 4 days, commencing today. Below is an outline of your participation: 

Day 1 (TODAY): We'll be gathering a little information about you, having you complete some online games and then listen to an audio clip which is 12 minutes in length. You will need a computer with a keyboard (e.g. desktop or laptop) to complete today's tasks.  

Day 2 (TOMORROW): Involves listening to a 12 minute audio clip only. The link for this will be emailed directly to you and can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Day 3: Like Day 2, today's activity involves listening to a 12 minute audio clip only. The link will be emailed directly to you. 

Day 4: The final day is similar in format to Day 1. You will complete some online games and answer a few brief questions about your experience. Like Day 1, you will need a computer with a keyboard to complete this session. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter the prize draw, placing you in the draw to win one of five $50 MYER vouchers.   

PLEASE NOTE: Eligibility for the prize draw requires participants to complete each of the 4 sessions outlined above.

1. What is the study about?

We are interested in investigating the relationship between stress and cognition and potential ways this can be changed. 

2. Who is carrying out the study?

Jacqueline Ward, a student at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), is carrying out the research. The research is part of studies toward the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) degree. Jacqueline is working under the supervision of Dr. Staci Vicary (Lecturer) in the Discipline of Psychological Sciences.

3. What does the study involve?

As a participant, you will be required to do some online tasks, including answering some questions about yourself, then completing two questionnaires and three short games. These games will be similar to those you could expect to play in a brain training application (app). This process should take no longer than 20 minutes in total. 

Following this, participants will go on to complete four listening sessions online. These are each 12-minutes in length and carried out on four consecutive days (one per day). During these 12-minute sessions, participants need only to log on to the provided link and listen to the audio information. Immediately following the fourth and final session, participants will again repeat the two questionnaires and three online games they completed on day one, along with a short questionnaire. The study is completely online and can be completed on your own devices at a time of day most suitable to you. 

4. How long will the study take?

This study takes place completely online and occurs over 4 consecutive days as follows; 

Day One: Introduction Task  (20 minutes) + Listening Task (12 mins) 

Day Two: Listening Task (12 minutes)

Day Three: Listening Task (12 minutes)

Day Four: Listening Task (12 minutes) + Final Completion Task (20 mins) 

Total maximum time for involvement: 90 minutes

You may choose the time of day to complete your session. 

5. Will I incur any costs by participating in this study?

There are no costs attached to taking part in the research. 

6. Are there any risks attached participating in the study?

There is very minimal anticipated risk attached to participating in the study. The study does involve participation in online questionnaires and games designed to measure one’s cognitive functioning and so should participants inadvertently experience psychological distress as a result of their involvement, they should refer to the services sheet provided. This supplies participants with the details of services from which they may seek support. 

7. Can I tell other people about the study?

You may tell other people about the study and invite them to take part. 

8. Will I receive the results of the study?

You will not receive the raw data from the study, including your own results. However, once the study is complete and the data has been analysed you may request a copy of the final results by contacting the researchers.

9. Confidentiality and disclosure of information

Your name and other information that could identify you will be collected only for the purpose of allowing online access to the website hosting the study and for entry into the random chance draw upon completion. Your data will be de-identified for analysis and available only to members of the research team. The results of the study will be used by Jacqueline Ward to prepare a 12,000 word report for submission for the B.PsyhSci(Hons) degree at ACAP. The report will be written in a way that does not reveal your identity. Data from the research will be retained for at least five years to allow us to show that the results are valid, and to show ownership of intellectual property. 

10. Can I withdraw from the study?

Participation in this study is voluntary - you are not under any obligation to consent and your decision to withdraw at any point will in no way affect your relationship with the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Should you decide to withdraw at anytime, simply do so by closing your computer browser.

11. How can I obtain further information?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the researchers by emailing

12. What can I do if I have a complaint or concern?

Any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study should be directed to the:

ACAP HREC Secretary

Australian College of Applied Psychology

Locked Bag 11, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 


Any complaint will be investigated promptly and you will be informed of the outcome.

Contact information

Information about this study:

Dr. Staci Vicary

Lecturer, Australian College of Applied Psychology

Contact email:

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