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We would like to investigate the process of visual imagery and its relations to different psychological traits as well as psychiatric states and phenomena. Therefore, you will be asked
to fill out some questionnaires and to work on two different behavioural tasks. Please make sure
that you are in a quiet environment where you are not disturbed during the study.

Overall, the study takes approximately 45 minutes. Participation in this study is completely voluntary. You can cancel your participation at any point without negative consequences. But since we can only use complete data files, we would like to ask you to work on all questions and tasks. Whenever possible, you will receive feedback about your results after each section. At the end of the study, you are given the opportunity to take part in a prize draw for ten Amazon vouchers (€20 or $20 or £20).

Collected data will only be published in an anonymous form and will be analyzed on a group level. Thus, it is not possible to draw conclusions about your identity or your individual answers.

We would be very happy if you would support our research.

B. Sc. Kristof Keidel & B. Sc. Merlin Monzel

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University of Bonn
Institute of Psychology
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53111 Bonn

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