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研究人员/Reseacher:   郭翠玲/Cuiling Guo

研究指导/Supervisor:  Alexander Logemann

研究所/Institution:      罗兰大学心理学院/ELTE PPK 

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Dear participant,

You are invited to take part in a scientific experiment from ELTE University, department of Clinical Psychology and Addiction. The project is led by Cuiling Guo (PhD student) and Alexander Logemann (PhD, supervisor).

In the current experiment, the role of attention and stopping behaviour on reading performance is investigated. In addition, we investigate whether the exact role depends on the type of language. Lastly, the relation between weight and attention/stopping behaviour will be investigated.

After providing your informed consent (by clicking "yes" below) you will be directed to the experiment. Please note that providing your informed consent does not oblige you to participate. Participation is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw from the experiment at any time without any consequences.

The experiment starts with some basic questions (age, gender, weight, height, language use, handedness). Subsequently you will be presented with a questionnaire that assesses whether you experience any difficulties that are related to Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. The results will not and cannot be used for identifying whether or not you have ADHD. After the questionnaires, you are requested to perform two computer tasks that measure attention, stopping behaviour, and lingual (language) performance. Tasks follow a detailed instruction. If you are proficient in English (but not Chinese), you will perform the English version of the experiment. If you are proficient in Chinese (but not English), you will perform the Chinese version of the experiment. In this case the experiment is estimated to last no longer than approximately 15 minutes in duration. If you are bilingual (proficient in both Chinese and English), you are requested to perform both versions of the experiment. In this case the experiment takes no longer than approximately 30 minutes.

Data will be anonymous and will be stored for at least 15 years. Your data will be used for the aim as described above and the experiment will plausibly result in a publication in an academic journal were results are presented on group-level. Upon written request (via e-mail) we can provide the results of the project to the interested reader. However, as data is acquired anonymous, we cannot provide you with your personal results.

Conditions of participation:

- I am between 18 and 50 years of age

- I am proficient in English and/or Chinese

- I have not been using drugs during the last 7 days

- I understand the information letter and I do not have any questions

- I allow the use of my data for the aim as described

I declare, that I am over the age of 18, I received sufficient information about the circumstances of my participation in the research, and I agree with all conditions and I undertake participation.

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