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Informed Consent and Description of Research: The effect of personality on perception of one's work performance, and work performance subsequent to evaluation

You are to participate in a research coordinated by Dr. Alexander Logemann. This study is carried out by highly qualified psychologists and their assistants. The aim of this study is to assess the role of personality on one's perception of their own work performance as compared to actual work performance. In addition, we investigate whether a change in work performance after an evaluation (via the computer) of previous work performance depends on personality and one's level of mindfulness.

You can participate if you are between 18 - 50 years old. You cannot participate if you have a psychological disorder. Participation is utterly voluntary. It is possible to withdraw from participation at any time and to decline from answering questions without having to give reasons for this. There is no monetary incentive for participating in the current study.

For this short online experiment you will be requested to fill out questionnaires and perform two times a simple computer task. During this computerized vigilance task you have to try to detect and indicate significant changes in a visual movement. After the first computer task, you will be asked to evaluate your performance and you will receive feedback about your performance. Subsequently you will perform the computer task again. The results of this study will later be used in publications and will also be presented at scientific conferences. If requested, written or verbal information will be provided on these events.

Data will be collected anonymously during the study and no personal data will be obtained.

All information collected during the research process will be handled strictly confidentially. Data obtained during the research is stored as a coded information in a secured computer. Data of the research are analyzed statistically, and no personal identification is possible. No medical or laboratory report will be prepared about the results of the study.

By proceeding you agree that data collected (which cannot be linked to identifiable information) may be used for research purposes and that these will be accessible to other researchers. 

I reserve the right to terminate my participation at any time in which case the data belonging to my person should be erased.

I declare that I am between 18 - 50 years of age and I am not diagnosed with a current psychological disorder. I have received full detailed information concerning the conditions of my participation of the study. I agree with these conditions and I am willing to participate.

If you agree to the conditions described above, and agree to participate, please proceed to the survey (click button below). If you do not agree, simply close this window.


Contact information

Information about this study:

H.N.Alexander Logemann, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Clinical Psychology and Addiction

Institute of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University

1064 Budapest, Izabella utca 46

Contact email:

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