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You are about to take part in some research.

In the following pages, you will be asked to view images of faces and make some judgements about them, including rating them for attractiveness. We will also ask you some questions about yourself, including your political beliefs and demographic information. Your participation is voluntary, and there may be no benefit to you in taking part. Your data will be held confidentially, and no directly identifiable information about yourself (e.g. your name or email) will be collected. The total time estimated for this study is around 20 minutes. Anyone over the age of 16 who is resident within Scotland is eligible to participate in this research.

This study has been approved by the ethics committee at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

By continuing to the next screen, you are providing your consent to take part in this research. You are able to withdraw from the experiment at any time without giving a reason, and you may omit or skip over any question if you wish. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the study and/or your participation, or should you wish to withdraw your data, you may contact the lead researcher, Dr. Kristen Knowles (contact details below).

A prize draw for a £25 Amazon gift voucher is available for those who complete the study - you will be able to enter your email at the end. The researchers will keep your contact information confidentially, and will destroy this data following completion of the prize draw.

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Dr. Kristen Knowles, Psychology and Sociology, Queen Margaret University

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