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About this survey

You are to participate in a research coordinated by Dr. Alexander Logemann. The research is carried out by Afework Tsegaye, PhD candidate. 

The aim of this study is to investigate primarily the relation between weight (Body Mass Index to be exact), risk for eating disorders and emotional processes. Results contribute to our understanding of aspects of overweight, and this may fuel the development of more optimal treatment for overweight and obesity. You do not have to be overweight/obese to be able to participate.

The experiment starts with some basic questions (i.e. weight, height, age, gender, handedness, how hungry you are, hours of sleep). Subsequently, you will be provided with a couple of questionnaires after which you are requested to perform a computer task during which you will need to respond to sequentially presented pictures. 

Participation is utterly voluntary. Performing the various tasks and filling out the questionnaires is harmless without any detrimental after-effects. It is possible to suspend participation so that it should not be tiresome. It is also possible to terminate participation at any time and to decline from answering questions without having to give reasons for this. There is no monetary compensation for participation

The results of this study will later be used in publications and will also be presented at scientific conferences. If requested, written or verbal information will be provided on these events.

All information (including video and/or audio material, if it was part of the research) collected during this process will be handled strictly confidentially. Data obtained during the research is stored as a coded information in a secured computer and paper-based material (e.g. questionnaires) is kept in a locked chest also in a coded format. The individual codes are provided by the assistant in charge, and these are accessible and known only to her/him. Data of the research are analyzed statistically during which no personal identification is possible. The document with the rules regulating personal data processing (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) is attached with its enclosures. 

No medical or laboratory report will be prepared about the results of the study. Verbal account can be provided about the findings upon request.


Conditions of participation:

- I am between 18 and 50 years of age

- I am not pregnant

- I have not been using drugs during the last 7 days

- I understand the information letter and I do not have any questions

- I allow the use of my data for the aim as described

Contact information

Information about this study:


H.N.Alexander Logemann, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Clinical Psychology and Addiction

Institute of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University

1064 Budapest, Izabella utca 46


Contact email:

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