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Title “Judging Facial Expressions”

Invitation to participate. If you are aged between 18-60  then I am inviting you to take part in a research study.  Taking part is voluntary; it is up to you to decide whether or not to take part.  It is important for you to understand what the research is about and what it will involve.  Please take time to read the following information carefully and discuss it with others if you wish.  If anything is not clear to you or you would like more information please ask.

What is the study about? This study is designed to examine how we judge facial expressions

Why am I doing the project? To gain further understanding of how we judge facial expressions

What will you have to do if you agree to take part? First, you will complete the facial expression decision task. The task will take approximately 25 minutes and will be followed by questions  about how different individuals experience and express emotion. More specific instructions will be given if you agree to take part.

How much of your time will participation involve? The experiment should take approximately 30 minutes

Will your participation in the project remain confidential? If you agree to take part, your name will not be recorded on the questionnaires and the information will not be disclosed to other parties. Your responses to the questions will be used for the purpose of this project only. You can be assured that if you take part in the project you will remain anonymous.

What are the advantages of taking part? You may find the project interesting as it relates to an issue which is a fundamental aspect of human behaviour. A short debrief will be given after the experiment (it will appear on the computer screen). You will learn about the research process.

Are there any disadvantages of taking part?

  1. Some of the faces will express unpleasant emotion. You may not like looking at these.
  2. At the end of the experiment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire designed to measure your views about how different individuals experience and express emotion. You may not wish to give your opinion

Confidential. All measures will be completely confidential – your name or other information will not be linked to the data nor will your data be used in any way that might lead to adverse consequences for you).

Can I change my mind? Yes, you can stop taking part in the study at any time. You can do this without any negative consequences, and you do not need to provide a reason.

Storage and right to withdraw data The data will be collected as soon as submitted and stored under a password protected account on the Project Lead's OneDrive account. This meets UK and EU data protection and security standards.

You can also ask for all your data to be destroyed. If you would like to withdraw your data, please let me know by completing the following form making sure you have either your SONA number or unique number/code given at the end of experiment. The last date for data withdrawal is 30/6/21

Who can I contact for further information? You can contact me the principal investigator Dr Jason Tipples: email - 0113 81 23002

If you wish to talk to an independent representative within the university and someone who is outside of this research study, please contact Dr Nova Deighton-Smith (chair of the ethics committee) on email:  or Tel: 0113 812 3151

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1. I confirm that I have read and understood the information sheet for the above study and understand what is expected of me.

2. I understand that my participation is completely voluntary.

3. I understand that I am free to stop the study at any time and I am free to withdraw my data up to the 30/6/21 by completing the following form and making sure I have my  unique number/code given at the end of experiment.

4. I confirm that I have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the study, and if asked, the questions were answered to my full satisfaction.

5. I confirm that I am over the age of 18

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I understand that data collected from me during this study will be stored on computer and that any computer files containing information about me will be made anonymous. I also understand that this consent form will be stored separately from any data that I provide. I agree to retain my random number allocated to me.

I agree to Leeds Beckett University recording and processing my data and that these data will be used for a research project, and may be presented in other academic forums (e.g., academic journals, at conferences, or in teaching). I understand that my data will be used only for these purposes and my consent is conditional upon the University complying with its duties and obligations under GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

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