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This is the Five-Factor Assessment, also known as The Big Five, the most widely accepted theory of personality to date.  With its validity established on an international level, the model describes five personality dimensions thought to be central to most individuals in a wide variety of populations across multiple continents.  Because the dimensions are thought of as inherent, the model is representative of the biological theory of personality and behavior. Each of the five factors is a category that contains a number of personality traits measured on a continuum between polar opposites.  Traits are defined as relatively enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that tend to be consistent across situations.

It can take you only a few minutes to complete this test, and I would encourage you to not hesitate too long in answering each question, letting your spontaneous response prevail over a lenghty reflection. If you have any questions or comments about this test, please feel free to let me know in session or send me an email. After you've taken the test, you will see your scores on screen. You may print that screen for your records. I will go over the results and their meaning with you at our next session. Thank you! -- Dr. Mark Zuccolo -- Dr. Sonia Maxwell

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