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Preferences for dealing with mental health issues

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It is normal for people to feel down or anxious from time to time. Some people will decide to cope with such problems in various ways, for example, seeking help from friends, self-help books, or a mental health professional. This survey is about what makes people decide to seek help and what kind of help they decide to choose. We are also interested in whether men and women make these decisions differently. The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Some questions are about mental health, and some people may be sensitive to these issues. Please be assured that your responses are anonymous, in other words there is no way that you can be identified just by answering the questions in the questionnaire. If you decide to withdraw from the study you can do so at any time without any problem. Your answers won’t be submitted unless you click the ‘submit’ button at the end of the survey, so even if you start the questionnaire you can still change your mind about finishing the survey. The overall results of the survey will be published online ( around autumn 2016. These results will be a summary of the combined scores of all the people in the survey, in other words no individual results or identifying information will be published.

If you want to, please discuss the information above with others, or contact me (John Barry - see contact details below) if you have any questions. If you feel like talking to somebody about any of the issues in this survey you can call Samaritans, who offer confidential emotional support. They can be emailed ( ) phoned, or visited (contact details here ).

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